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At Smart Homes, your deposit is bonded and protected by the Government Granted Scheme, mydeposits. This means your money won’t go missing, stolen or your deposit will be taken unfairly. 


We like to aim to give our tenants back all of their deposit, and that is why we do our best to advise you during and before the end of the tenancy, if there are any outstanding repairs or damage that we can resolve prior and comparing the current condition of the property to the inventory photos. The majority of the time our tenants leave with all of their deposit refunded, providing they’ve adhered to the AST conditions and that the property is returned in good condition and clean. We do understand that there is fair wear and tear, which you won’t be penalised for. It is only in the rarest cases that a deposit would have to cover any extensive damage against any quotes and invoices we receive from certified professionals to carry out a repair.